Saturday, 7 March 2009

Chalice Well Waters - Glastonbury

"A dream of heaven was brought a little nearer to earth at Chalice Well during its hey-day...the spirit of the place lives on and does not die, for it does not belong to any person, but uses persons to its ends."

Dion Fortune, Avalon of the Heart

Chalice Well at the foot of Glastonbury Tor is a peaceful and healing place. Many questing souls visit this beautiful peace garden every year. The water tastes of blood due to its exceptionally high iron content. Myth, legend and magic arise from the depths of this place to leave those with eyes to see utterly changed forever.

These are some of my favourite photographs from this place. Chalice Well has been an inspiration to me and many many others over the past century and beyond.

(Above - the well head at Chalice Well).

"The rune of the Water Bearer
Ye have supped from the Pools of Sorrow
Ye shall drink from the Wells of Joy!
The golden Wheel is turning - 
The heavenly sphere's employ!"

Alice Buckton, At the Well

The waters of life continue to flow through the garden......

In the garden quiet corners abound, revealing gentle mysteries and peace profound.....

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