Wednesday, 3 February 2010

"The Meaning"

Margaret Lumley Brown was one of the finest trance medium’s of the 20th Century. However, for me her most important life experience was her training, service and work with Dion Fortune’s Society of the Inner Light. While I am fortunate enough to know people present and deceased who worked with her, I never met her and am often left with a feeling that she would have been a great person to have had round for a cup of tea and a slice of cake! Alas, I never had that chance. She corresponded with Arthur Conan Doyle and some other notable figures. Fortunately Gareth Knight has published some excerpts of her poetry, psychic experiences and “communications” in his book “Pythoness”. The “communications” have the strange depth and resonance that are typical of contacted work. It remains a long standing wish of mine that one day her work will be widely and publically available by book or the internet for seekers to enjoy and ponder. Following a short excerpt in “Pythoness” Gareth Knight has recently published the whole text of her wonderful “The Litany of the Sun” on his blog. It is a powerful Apollonian invocation, rich for meditation and visualization. Guaranteed to blast away the darkness! Please take a look at his blog. I thought I would return the favour by sharing her poem “The Meaning” She dedicated the piece “To those who only read poetry for a 'message' or a 'philosophy of Life.'"


Seek for such things where they abound,
In dusty tomes, none here are found
Saving the meaning of the ground

Which holds the legend of the rose,
The silver lore of rains and snows,
Man's prologue and his drama's close!

The meaning of the lonely sod
Where some see but a space untrod
And others footprints of a god!

The meaning which strikes lovers dumb
When through the world's harsh waters come
The ravelled sails of Actium!

IRENE HAY (Margaret Lumley Brown).

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