Sunday, 29 May 2011

Roberto Assagioli, Founding Father of Psychosynthesis

"Let us feel and obey the urge aroused by the great need of healing the serious ills which at present are affecting humanity; let us realize the contribution we can make to the creation of a new civilization characterized by an harmonious integration and cooperation, pervaded by the spirit of synthesis." 

- Roberto Assagioli, Founding Father of Psychosynthesis.

Will Parfitt first introduced me to Psychosynthesis in the late 1980s when he came along to talk to my North Kent / Charlton House Green Circle group about his then relatively new book, "The Living Qabalah". I had just bought his even newer book with the unreplicable title, "Walking Through Walls."

"Walls" looked at a range of different systems and methodologies for overcoming those things which block us from reaching a greater potential. Star Trek, Psychosynthesis, Timothy Leary's "Circuits of Living" and Qabalah were some of the diverse range of topics covered. There were lots of practical exercises based on Psychosynthesis to try out plus ones from the other systems showcased. These exercises were the reverse of the usually glib exercises dished out at the time in the spew of New Age, Magic and self-help books of the Eighties.

After the talk we spoke for a while on what Psychosynthesis was about, how useful it was for a magician or someone interested in maximising human potential. We talked about how Regardie had always stated a strong belief that anyone getting involved in serious magical practice should enter into therapy...typically Jungian analysis being the example given. Having tried out some of the exercises from his new book for a couple of weeks and on talking to Will it became apparent that Psychosynthesis went far beyond were Jung left off. It was a meta system which provided a holistic system approach for the practitioner, enabling a very complete and deep level of integration and healing. Most importantly for me at the time was the efficacy and pace of change possible from practicising the techniques of Psychosynthesis.

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