Saturday, 18 February 2012

Painswick's Pan

Painswick’s beautiful Rococo Garden never fails to lift my spirits in the dark winter months…..

Mona’s Song of Pan
Bowl of oak and earthen jar,
Honey of the honey-bee;
Milk of kine and Grecian wine,
Golden corn from neighbouring lea –
These our offerings, Pan, to thee,
Goat-foot god of Arcady.

Horned head and cloven hoof –
Fawns who seek and nymphs that flee –
Piping clear and draweth near
Through the vales of Arcady –
These the gifts we have of thee,
God of joyous ecstasy.

Come, great Pan, and bless us all:
Bless the corn and honey-bee.
Bless the kine and bless the vine,
Bless the vales of Arcady.
Bless the nymphs that laugh and flee,
God of all fertility.

From Dion Fortune’s “The Goat Foot God”, published by the Society of the Inner Light.

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